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Some people that I've been lucky to work with over the last few years, coupled with kind words.

Eric Tulin

“From putting two Catskills organic hemp farm internal systems on the right track and the enterprise on the map in the marketplace to designing and developing a digital presence for a biotechnology company creating cannabinoids in the lab, every project I’ve thrown Michael into has been done on time, on budget, just right and ending in my client’s delight.”

Camille Bussiere

"I first met Michael approximately two years ago at Scotch Valley Ranch. While we did not know it then, our stint working together would prove both an instantaneous connection and complementary work ethic. Hardworking, dedicated, and incredibly meticulous, Michael has the agility and operational acumen to successfully navigate the ever-changing cannabis space. He excels at strategic planning, and can oftentimes turn some wishful thinking into a concrete reality.


In a burgeoning industry filled with its fair share of braggadocios, hustlers and cowboys, it brings me no greater pleasure to say that Michael is truly a professional and a man of his word. It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to the day we’ll be able to work again together!"

Daniel Strack

“Mike is a passionate, creative media content creator who understands brand messaging, business organization, and development. His skillsets and creativity have helped me to manage my businesses starting from brand communication to overall company operations in a way that would typically require a large team. I highly recommended Mike as a creative media and business development guru.”

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